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Dear Valued SCM Customer,

We are delighted to announce the Eastern Canada launch of the “newly reformulated”  ZO® “HYDRATING CREME”, which has been specifically developed for the restoration of skin    barrier integrity – yet another exciting ZO® product from Dr. Zein Obagi, the creator of skin health science!

Our ZO® “HYDRATING CRÈME” is a lightweight skin protectant that temporarily relieves symptoms of severely dry skin, while calming and soothing the visibly irritated areas, and replenishing natural moisture levels to aid in the recovery process. It is ideal for treating “moderate” to “severe” dry skin surfaces on both the face and body, including those showing visible signs of eczema. “HYDRATING CRÈME” has also been clinically proven to help reduce the various attributes of dry and sensitized skin. In a recent study, the following key benefits were observed:

  • 92% OF PARTICIPANTS saw a visible improvement in the overall appearance of the skin by Week “8”.
  • 90% OF PARTICIPANTS saw a visible improvement in skin dryness by Week “8”.
  • 90% OF PARTICIPANTS saw a visible improvement in skin texture and smoothness by Week “8”.

Product SKU #: 915300    Product Size: 113 g./4 Oz. U.S.  Suggested RSP: $150.00

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: (For shipments up until April 30th, 2019 only).

“Purchase a minimum of 6 units of ZO® HYDRATING CRÈME at your regular clinic cost, and you will receive a full size tester unit of this product at NO CHARGE!

Please be sure to speak with your SCM “Medical Business Consultant” (or call our SCM head office), for full details regarding the helpul marketing support materials that are also available to assist with patient/staff education, as well as with your clinic’s merchandising and selling initiatives pertaining to this exceptional product.

Best regards,

Valerie Potter-Johns
Vice-President, Business Development
SCM Products Inc.
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