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Lycogel® Appoints SCM Products Inc. as the Exclusive Eastern Canada Distributor for Their Camouflage Makeup Product Line!


A fast-acting, targeted treatment for more effective relief from acne lesions and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

This advanced formula with bio-delivery technologies, speeds penetration of the various active ingredients. It also brightens and conditions the skin during the healing process, and helps prevent the development of post-acne scars.

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Continue your skin-care treatment program in the warmer summer months with targeted regimens from ZO® Skin Health

ZO® offers many fine topical, medical-grade products that allow patients to continue to focus on their individual skin treatment goals, and still look great despite the change in seasons.

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Brighten and Re-texture Your Skin with our new ZO® C-BRIGHT™ 10% Vitamin C Serum!

Pure Vitamin C works to rapidly exfoliate existing skin surface pigmentation, while also minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and the future formation of new pigment.

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ZO Skin Brightening Solutions

ZO® Medical Non-HQ Skin Brightening Solutions – Treatments as Unique as Each Patient”!

Dependent upon the specific skin condition and patient tolerance, ZO® Skin Brightening Solutions provide a broad range of products that can manage, inhibit and reverse pigmentation disorders, while stimulating epidermal renewal.”

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ZO® Oraser® Body Emulsion Plus

New and Improved ZO® Oraser® Body Emulison Plus for the discomforts of winter skin!

This multi-action body treatment is formulated with specialized enzymes and hydrators that work effectively to immediately soften, smooth and resurface rough, dry skin.

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INVISAPEEL™ Intensive Resurfacing Peel

Accelerate the repair of your skin with New ZO® Medical INVISAPEEL™ Intensive Resurfacing Peel!

This unique formulation uses an enzymatic process to renew the epidermis, leaving skin noticeably smoother, firmer and brighter, without any apparent flaking or peeling.

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