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Endotine® Bioabsorbable Implants

Designed for Simplicity & Predictability

The versatile design can be applied in both endoscopic and open techniques.

Soft-tissue fixation remains the least controllable and least predictable part of the forehead lift procedure. Until now, only suture-based and percutaneous screw fixation techniques were available, often with frustrating results.

The Endotine devices deliver a novel and effective solution for fixation of the scalp tissue, addressing the primary challenge of the forehead lift procedure. Endotine devices feature sutureless MultiPoint Technology, a breakthrough platform technology designed to facilitate facial aesthetic procedures, reduce operating time and improve surgical outcomes. The device’s unique design provides multiple points of contact with the suspended tissue, distributing tension over a wide area to maximize fixation strength.

Facial Contouring

Endotine® Bioabsorbable Implants for soft-tissue fixation are sutureless and feature MultiPoint Technology for maximum fixation strength.