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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various product lines that SCM distributes?

SCM represents some of the world’s most prestigious and leading edge brands within the medical and aesthetic industries. Please visit the “About Us” or “Our Products” sections of this website for a full description of our many product offerings.

How do I obtain more information regarding any of the “secondary” product lines that are distributed by SCM, but only identified in the “About Us” section of your website?

Please contact our SCM Head Office with any questions you may have about these other fine products, and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

How long will it take for my order to arrive at my clinic?

Orders for “non-surgical and “skin care” products are typically processed and shipped to arrive within 2-3 business days. Delivery times for “surgical” products may range from 2-5 days, dependent upon their availability within our distribution facility.

How will my orders placed with SCM be shipped to my place of business?

All orders are assembled, and then shipped from our SCM distribution facility via UPS (Standard), unless otherwise specified by the customer, in which case additional charges may apply.

Will I have to pay the shipping costs for my order? What if I have a large order?

Yes. The cost of shipping charged to your business is a direct reflection of the fees incurred by SCM from our carrier (UPS), and is not marked up. Shipping costs will vary with the size and weight of the order, and with the location to which it is being transported. No charges will apply on items that are backordered by SCM

Am I required to have a physician associated with my clinic, in order to purchase products from SCM?

Yes, in the case of certain product lines that are distributed by SCM, there does need to be a physician/medical director associated with the clinic that is purchasing. Please contact our SCM Head Office if you have questions regarding the availability of a specific brand.

May I sell the products that I purchase from SCM, “on-line” via our clinic’s website?

A number of the brands that SCM represents have very clearly defined restrictions on the sale of their products to patients through the Internet. Please contact our SCM Head Office should you require more information regarding this matter.

Can you ship a product directly to my patient or client?

Yes. We can ship the product directly, and bill your clinic for the product and associated shipping costs.

How can I open an account with SCM?

Simply click on the following link, HERE, or contact our SCM Head Office at 1-888-710-4697.

What payment terms does SCM extend to its customers?

Our credit terms are “net 30 days from the date of each invoice”, and a 2% financing fee is charged on account balances that are “past due”.

If our clinic urgently requires an item due to an unexpected emergency, or last minute surgery booking, can you help us?

Yes, however additional shipping charges will apply if “rush” service needs to be utilized to get the product to your location.

Does SCM stock all of the compression garments that are available from the “Marena Group”?

Our SCM garment Inventory includes the most popular, and commonly used items, but we can easily order in, or “direct ship” any garment to you that is available from “Marena” (US).

I would like to order a compression garment that I have seen on the “Marena” (US) website. Is it possible to order that through SCM?

Yes, we can order any item that is available from “Marena” in the United States. Shipping time is normally 3-5 days. For “express delivery” or “rush orders”, additional shipping charges will most likely apply.

We are an existing SCM customer, and are hosting a customer/patient “event”. Is there any form of promotional support that is available to us from SCM?

In many cases, yes. Please contact your SCM “Medical Business Consultant”, or refer your request directly to our SCM Head Office.