NEW Marena® FBCS Recovery Compression Body Suit

Introducing the NEW Marena® “FBCS Recovery Compression Body Suit” for Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer!

Designed to optimize post-surgical results associated with Brazilian Butt Lift procedures (regardless of size), this new Marena® covered buttocks garment features a smooth, comfortable fit, that also delivers effective therapeutic benefits for the patient!

Mr. Rob Seber joins SCM Products Inc. as “Logistics and Quality Assurance Manager”!

Rob’s extensive previous sales, customer development and inventory management experience, in conjunction with his strong interpersonal and organizational skill sets, are all ideal qualifications for this challenging new role at SCM!

Introducing the NEW Marena® “B19 Recovery Bra”!

Designed in conjunction with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, this great new Marena® bra keeps both surgical needs, and patient comfort, top of mind!

Announcing NEW ZO® MEDICAL “REVITATROL™ Epidermal Repair Crème”!

This exciting ZO® MEDICAL formulation accelerates the skin’s natural restoration process, while simultaneously protecting it from numerous damaging external assaults.